Business Startup Support

Launching a new business can be a lonely journey and if you have a lack of support in your household, it can feel even lonelier. I’ve seen a greater number of brand new small business owners, who feel as though they are all on their own, even though they have a family and are in partnered relationship. Even if you are not presently in a personal partnership you may feel the need to seek relationship support from close friends and family members. In either case you may be been surprised by what appears to be the lack of unconditional support.

The key to a successful startup may be in lining up your support and solidifying a structure of support before your small business launch. It’s challenging enough to fight the many battles of entrepreneurship. Thus it can be completely draining to come home to your sanctuary and have to further defend your business to those who care about you.

If you need relationship help now, you’ll still need it while building your business but then there will even more pressure on all fronts. Everyone is familiar with a couple that tried to solve their relationship problems by having a baby. Did it work for the couple you knew? No? Then why would birthing a new business improve your relationships?

If you have weak personal relationships that drain your energy, then your focus will be lacking. Without a strong focus, your decision-making, personal productivity and inspired actions will all suffer.

What can you do? Talk about the challenges pre-startup and ask for the support of those who love you. Be very specific in asking for that support by making agreements.

Relationships are built on agreements kept. For an agreement to be kept it must serve all parties, be clear understood by all and be written down for clarity.

If you don’t have strong spousal support or unconditional support in your close relationships, you first need to understand them from their perspective.

When a life partner cautiously advises you not to venture out on your own, they are not questioning your ability or resolve to succeed.

They are only speaking from the perspective of their own fears.

They could fear having less time with you. Your initiative could be forcing them to face their own fears of success, of failure or of never being authentically fulfilled in their work. And of course they could be thinking about having less money and how that affects the household budget.

Good personal relationships are essential to making good business decisions. If you are fighting battles both at home and in the marketplace, you will lose on both fronts.

If you’re considering starting a small business, first repair or end non-supportive relationships.

Make agreements that serve you both and honor them.

Contact StartUp Coach Tom Volkar to make the successful leap to the freedom of self-employment. Go to or his blog for a FREE Email Course Project Blast Off. The world awaits your unique business and Tom is inspired to guide you to a successful launch.

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Child Booster Seats For Cars

Safety seats are designed for small children to be protected in vehicles in case there is an accident. Regular seat belts will not secure their tiny bodies as well as they do adults. Therefore, child booster seats for cars are highly recommended for many kids ages 3 to 6. They are best used for children who are too big for infant and toddler seats but are not big enough to be protected by the vehicle’s safety restraints alone. The following article will discuss whether or not your child needs to ride in a booster seat and how important that can be for safe traveling.

It is a given that newborns, babies, and toddlers need a special seat to keep them safe while riding in a car. However, some parents place their child in a regular automobile seat too quickly. Booster seats are designed for older children who do not meet the weight or height requirements to sit in the seat of the car. Many wish to remove all special seats around 3 to 4 years of age, but based on their size, some still need the additional seat until they are 6 to 7 years old. Age isn’t really a requirement, as it is their height that counts.

There are different laws for each state, but the average height is 4 foot, 9 inches, and the average weight is 80 lbs for a child to ride in a regular car seat. Any child who is smaller should be in child booster seats for cars. If not, the driver of the vehicle can be ticketed if pulled over by a police officer. Many parents say they wouldn’t still have their older kids in booster seats if they were not required to by law, but they do not realize how much safer these seats can be for their smaller children.

It has been said that booster seats can reduce injuries sustained by children in automobile accidents by up to 45%. These seats assist the child by raising them up just a bit so the shoulder section of the seat belt fits properly. When the belt is ill fitting, the upper body is more likely to be thrown forward during an accident. This leads to an increase of head injuries. The lap belt can also cause more damage when not worn at the right place. Internal injuries from the belt can result if a wreck were to occur.

As you can see, child booster seats for cars are very important in keeping your child safe. Just because he is too big for an infant or toddler seat doesn’t mean he’s ready to sit in a vehicle seat alone. If he does not meet your state’s requirements for height and weight, he needs to be in a booster seat. It may not be the coolest thing for a child in elementary school, but it will keep him more secure in the event of a car crash.

Welcome to Car Seats and Boosters, inside you will discover an amazing selection of low priced and excellent quality child booster seats for cars.

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Los Angeles Movers Provide Commercial Moving Services for Warehouses

(PRWEB) August 27, 2014 has released a new blog post announcing that Los Angeles movers provide services for warehouses and other commercial spaces.

Los Angeles movers provide commercial moving services for warehouses in the Orange County area. Clients can click on the link in the first paragraph to find more information about business relocation services.

A moving company will pack and transport goods from a warehouse to another building. Unpacking services are also available. Movers have experience and professional equipment to complete any relocation.

The price range is affordable. The cost of a commercial move is calculated based on the space, distance and services used. Clients can get online quotes to find more information.

Melrose Moving Company is a Los Angeles-based residential and commercial moving company. Originally established in 1999, and has been so popular that the owner started various other moving companies, such as Los Angeles Movers, Movers Los Angeles, and Los Angeles Commercial Movers, all of which are operated by Melrose Moving. The moving company is licensed by the Public Utility Commission (PUC), and has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Melrose Moving accepts cash, checks, credit cards, and Paypal.

For more information, click on . Call now: 1.800.431.3920.

Is the Shaun T Deluxe Insanity Workout Worth Getting?

Shaun T recently came out with a new workout called Shaun T’s Insanity Workout. He also made available a deluxe edition of the workout. What is the difference between the regular and the deluxe?

First of all the regular insanity workout comes with 10 DVD’s, a fitness guide, nutrition plan and tracking tools. None of the workouts on the first original workouts require the use of weights or resistance bands. Shaun T uses body resistance for the workouts. The 10 DVD’s cover every part of your body, from you arms, to legs, to core.

So if the first 10 DVD’s are complete why would you need the extra 3 DVD’s that come in the deluxe package? Well I will simply let you know what comes in the deluxe package and let you make up your mind as to whether you will need it or not.

Inside the Deluxe Insanity Workout.

It comes with 3 extra DVD workouts. The first of the workouts is called Max Interval Sports Training, next is called Insane Abs and last is the Upper Body Weighted Workout.

Max Interval Sports Training is an extremely difficult training system that Shaun T has used to train professional athletes. This workout is no joke. It is extremely difficult to do. It is a step above all the other 10 DVD’s in the normal workout.

Insane Abs is similar in its difficulty to the Sports Training. There are plenty of abdominal exercises in the first 10 DVD’s, but none are as complete or as difficult as this.

Upper Body Weighted Workout is Shaun T’s only DVD that uses weights. He shows you his techniques for using weights to achieve the upper body that most people desire.

All in all it is a very good thing to be working out and bettering your body. Whether it is using Insanity or going to the gym or some other form of exercise, just make sure you get out and do it.

Jake is a young man that loves fitness and exercise. He writes to inform people of the importance of the exercise to live a long and healthy life. Jake suggests checking out the 10 minute trainer for an awesome workout. Or to learn more check out this hub on the Deluxe Insanity Workout.

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Excelling Arizona Schools Named for 2004-2005 School Year

As with many school systems across the United States, Arizona Schools have several measurement and accountability programs in place to improve student scholastic achievement. One accountability program for the Arizona schools is the AZ LEARNS achievement program. AZ LEARNS holds all Arizona schools accountable for the performance of their students and teachers, measuring performance over several years versus a snapshot one-year measurement. The AZ LEARNS evaluation is based upon four established measurements already required by the Arizona schools. They are:

o AIMS Scores — Measures reading, language arts and mathematics for elementary schools; and reading, writing and mathematics for high schools.

o MAP — Measure of Academic Progress for schools, where students scores for AIMS and SATs are compared to the state average.

o Graduation/Dropout Rates — Used for the high schools.

o AYP — Adequate Yearly Progress measures student proficiency in the state’s academic standards of reading and mathematics over time.

The AZ LEARNS program for the Arizona schools categorizes schools on a graded scale as either:

o Failing to meet academic standards,

o Underperforming,

o Performing,

o Highly Performing, or

o Excelling.

The Arizona schools for the 2004-2005 school year that were named Excelling are (listed by district/charter and school):

Arizona schools’ Academy of Tucson, Inc. Academy of Tucson Middle School

Arizona schools’ Alhambra Elementary District Alhambra Traditional School

Arizona schools’ Allen-Cochran Enterprises, Inc. Center for Educational Excellence

Arizona schools’ Amphitheater Unified District Canyon Del Oro High School

Richard B. Wilson Jr. School

Winifred Harelson Elementary School

Arizona schools’ Arizona School for the Arts Arizona School for the Arts — both

elementary & high school

Arizona schools’ BASIS School, Inc. BASIS Tucson — both elementary &

high school

Arizona schools’ Basis School, Inc. — Scottsdale Basis Scottsdale

Arizona schools’ Benchmark School, Inc. Benchmark School

Arizona schools’ Benjamin Franklin Charter School Benjamin Franklin Charter School in

both Gilbert and Mesa

Arizona schools’ Bright Beginnings School, Inc. Bright Beginnings School #1

Arizona schools’ CASY Country Day School CASY Country Day School #1

Arizona schools’ Catalina Foothills Unified District Canyon View Elementary School

Catalina Foothills High School

Esperero Canyon Middle School

Manzanita School

Orange Grove Middle School

Sunrise Drive Elementary School

Ventana Vista Elementary School

Arizona schools’ Cave Creek Unified District Cactus Shadows High School/PSH

Desert Arroyo Middle School

Desert Sun Elementary School

Arizona schools’ Challenge School, Inc. Challenge Charter School

Arizona schools’ Chandler Unified District Anna Marie Jacobson Elementary


Basha Elementary

Basha High School

Chandler High School

Chandler Traditional Academy –

Liberty Campus

Hamilton High School

Jane D. Hull Elementary

John M. Andersen Elementary School

Robert and Danell Tarwater


Sanborn Elementary School

Santan K-8

Shumway Elementary School

Arizona schools’ Crane Elementary District Ronald Reagan Fundamental School

Arizona schools’ D.W. Higgins Institute D.W. Higgins Institute

Arizona schools’ Daisy Education Corporation Sonoran Science Academy — both elementary & high school

Arizona schools’ Deer Valley Unified District Arrowhead Elementary School

Cooper Creek Elementary

Desert Sage Elementary School

Greenbrier Elementary School

Hillcrest Middle School

Legend Springs Elementary

Mountain Ridge High School

Sierra Verde Elementary

Arizona schools’ East Valley Academy East Valley Academy

Arizona schools’ Edu-Prize, Inc. Edu-Prize

Arizona schools’ Flagstaff Junior Academy Flagstaff Junior Academy

Arizona schools’ Flagstaff Unified District Charles W. Sechrist Elementary School

Flagstaff Middle School

Manuel DeMiguel Elementary School

Thomas M. Knoles Elementary School

Arizona schools’ Foothills Academy Foothills Academy — both elementary & high school

Arizona schools’ Fort Huachuca Accommodation District Colonel Smith Middle School

Arizona schools’ Fountain Hills Unified District McDowell Mountain Elementary School

Arizona schools’ Franklin Phonetic Primary School, Inc. Franklin Phonetic Primary School

Arizona schools’ Gilbert Unified District Ashland Elementary

Carol Rae Ranch Elementary

Desert Ridge High

Finley Farms Elementary

Gilbert High School

GPS Traditional Academy

Greenfield Junior High School

Highland High School

Highland Junior High School

Islands Elementary School

Patterson Elementary School

Playa del Rey Elementary School

Sonoma Ranch Elementary School

Spectrum Elementary

Technology and Leadership Academy

Towne Meadows Elementary School

Val Vista Lakes Elementary School

Arizona schools’ Glendale Union High School District Sunnyslope High School

Arizona schools’ Heritage Academy, Inc. Heritage Academy — both elementary

& high school

Arizona schools’ Hermosa Montessori Center Hermosa Montessori Charter

Arizona schools’ Horizon Community Learning Center, Inc. Horizon Community Learning Center

Arizona schools’ Humanities and Sciences Academy of the US, Inc. Humanities and Sciences High School

Arizona schools’ Ideabanc, Inc. AmeriSchools College Preparatory

Academy — Tucson

Arizona schools’ James Madison Preparatory School James Madison Preparatory School –

both elementary & high school

Arizona schools’ Joseph City Unified District Joseph City Junior/Senior High School

Arizona schools’ Keystone Montessori Charter School, Inc. Keystone Montessori Charter School

Arizona schools’ Khalsa Family Services Khalsa School

Arizona schools’ Khalsa Montessori Elementary Schools Khalsa Montessori Elementary School

– Phoenix

Arizona schools’ Kyrene Elementary District C. I. Waggoner School

Kyrene Akimel A-Al Middle School

Kyrene Altadena Middle School

Kyrene Aprende Middle School

Kyrene Centennial Middle School

Kyrene de la Colina School

Kyrene de la Esperanza School

Kyrene de la Estrella Elementary


Kyrene de la Mariposa School

Kyrene de la Mirada School

Kyrene de la Paloma School

Kyrene de la Sierra School

Kyrene de las Brisas School

Kyrene de las Manitas School

Kyrene de los Cerritos School

Kyrene del Cielo School

Kyrene del Pueblo Middle School

Kyrene Middle School

Kyrene Monte Vista School

Arizona schools’ Lifelong Learning Research Institute, Inc. Lifelong Learning Academy

Arizona schools’ Litchfield Elementary District Litchfield Elementary School

Palm Valley Elementary

Arizona schools’ Madison Elementary District Madison Heights School

Madison Meadows School

Madison Park School

Madison Richard Simis School

Arizona schools’ Marana Unified District Coyote Trail Elementary School

Quail Run Elementary School

Arizona schools’ Mary Ellen Halvorson Educational Foundation Tri-City Prep High School

Arizona schools’ Mesa Unified District Barbara Bush Elementary School

Entz Elementary School

Falcon Hill Elementary School

Franklin Elementary School

Franklin Northeast School

Franklin South

Franklin West Elementary

George Smith

Hale Elementary School

Hermosa Vista Elementary School

Ishikawa Elementary School

Las Sendas Elementary School

Mountain View High School

Poston Junior High School

Red Mountain High School

Sunridge Learning Center

Arizona schools’ Miami Unified District Las Lomas Elementary School

Arizona schools’ Mission Montessori Academy Mission Montessori Academy

Arizona schools’ Montessori Charter School of Flagstaff, Inc. Montessori Charter School of Flagstaff

– Campus

Arizona schools’ Montessori Schoolhouse of Tucson, Inc. Montessori Schoolhouse

Arizona schools’ Nogales Unified District Vasquez De Coronado Francisco


Arizona schools’ Northland Preparatory Academy Northland Preparatory Academy –

both elementary & high school

Arizona schools’ Palominas Elementary District Coronado Elementary School

Arizona schools’ Paradise Valley Unified District Boulder Creek Elementary School

Copper Canyon Elementary School

Desert Shadows Middle School

Desert Springs Elementary School

Desert Trails Elementary School

Grayhawk Elementary School

Horizon High School

Larkspur Elementary School

Liberty Elementary School

Mercury Mine Elementary School

Mountain Trail Middle School

North Ranch Elementary School

Pinnacle High School

Pinnacle Peak Elementary

Quail Run Elementary School

Sandpiper Elementary School

Sonoran Sky Elementary School

Sunrise Middle School

Arizona schools’ Peoria Unified School District Apache Elementary School

Canyon Elementary School

Centennial High School

Copperwood School

Ironwood High School

Oakwood Elementary School

Paseo Verde Elementary School

Sunrise Mountain High School

Arizona schools’ Prescott Unified District Abia Judd Elementary School
Pescott High School

Arizona schools’ Queen Creek Unified District Jack Barnes Elementary School

Arizona schools’ Scottsdale Unified District Anasazi Elementary

Arcadia High School

Aztec Elementary School

Chaparral High School

Cherokee Elementary School

Cheyenne Traditional Elementary


Cochise Elementary School

Cocopah Middle School

Copper Ridge Elementary School

Copper Ridge Middle School

Desert Canyon Elementary

Desert Canyon Middle School

Desert Mountain High School

Hopi Elementary School

Kiva Elementary School

Laguna Elementary School

Mountainside Middle School

Pima Elementary School

Saguaro High School

Sequoya Elementary School

Zuni Elementary School

Arizona schools’ Sedona-Oak Creek Joint Unified District Big Park Community School

Arizona schools’ Self Development Charter School Self Development Charter School

Arizona schools’ Show Low Unified District Linden Elementary School

Arizona schools’ Skyview School, Inc. Skyview School

Arizona schools’ Sonoita Elementary District Elgin Elementary School

Arizona schools’ Tanque Verde Unified District Agua Caliente School

Emily Gray Junior High School

Tanque Verde Elementary School

Arizona schools’ Tempe Elementary District Rover Elementary School

Arizona schools’ Tempe Preparatory Academy Tempe Preparatory Academy — both

elementary & high school

Arizona schools’ Tempe Union High School District Corona Del Sol High School

Desert Vista High School

Mountain Pointe High School

Arizona schools’ Tucson Unified District Fruchthendler Elementary School

Gale Elementary School

Ida Flood Dodge Traditional Middle

Magnet School

Miles-Exploratory Learning Center

Sabino High School

Sahuaro High School

University High School

Arizona schools’ Vail Unified District Cottonwood Elementary School

Desert Sky Middle School

Desert Willow Elementary School

Mesquite Elementary School

Arizona schools’ Valley Academy, Inc. Valley Academy

Arizona schools’ Veritas Preparatory Academy Veritas Preparatory Academy — both

elementary & high school

Arizona schools’ Washington Elementary District Abraham Lincoln Traditional School

Lookout Mountain School

Arizona schools’ West Gilbert Charter Elementary School, Inc. West Gilbert Charter Elementary


Arizona schools’ Young Elementary District Young Teaching High School

In addition to the Excelling schools, Arizona schools named 255 schools across the state as Highly Performing schools.

This information on Arizona schools is brought to you by

Patricia Hawke is a staff writer for Schools K-12 providing free, in-depth reports on all U.S. public and private K-12 schools. Patricia has a nose for research and writes stimulating news and views on school issues. For more on Arizona schools visit Arizona Schools

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Defining What Is A Super Healthy Relationship !

You don’t know whether your relationship can survive under the test of time or what may happen in your relationship? By examining what successful couples do and don’t do, you can recognize how things might turn out. This article will show you some different chateristics of a super healthy relationship in different situations. Keep in mind that every relationship goes through the ups-and-downs but for most healthy relationships, it is often possible to overcome any storm imaginable.


Here’s what a super healthy relationship looks like in regard to communication:

Couples that pull off the “long haul” together tend to do very well in regards to communication. While they may not have deep conversations all the time, they do open up and share feelings, needs, wants and desires.


Healthy couples understand the need for give-and-take in communication. They allow one partner to speak while the other actually listens. There is a sense of security in communication and both parties feel “safe” sharing their inner thoughts.


For a really healthy couple, communication is an absolute must. They have learned how to share, discuss and even compromise.


Here’s what a super healthy relationship looks like during a fight:

Even the healthiest relationships have patches where things just don’t go right. Couples can and do argue and they may even fight. Disputes are very healthy for relationships – if they are handled correctly.


When arguments or fights happen, a strong couple will handle the problem as quickly as possible. If tempers are high, they will cool off for a time and come back together to solve the concern. Rather than drag out every grievance, name call and shut down, healthy couples:


* Try to talk through their disputes
* Give each other a chance to speak
* Listen to each other
* Approach “hot topics” with respect for each other
* Refrain from name calling
* Choose to work together to find a solution
* Are willing to compromise
* Are willing to agree to disagree when compromise isn’t feasible


Here’s what a super healthy relationship looks like in the bedroom:

Intimate relations are important to couples. Sex is not only a pleasurable pursuit, but a way of connecting, sharing and feeling closer and loved. Healthy couples work together to meet each other’s needs, are willing to talk about desires and never push each other beyond the limits of comfort or trust.


Healthy couples often have better sex because they are willing to work together to make their time behind closed doors more special, exciting and fulfilling.


A good relationship isn’t all about sex, but it does play a big role. Making this time together special can strengthen the bonds that tie.


Here’s what a super healthy relationship looks like when it comes to hobbies and interests:

Healthy couples do tend to spend a lot of time together, but not too much. Couples who have developed trust, understanding and respect, also understand the need for “me time.”


Strong couples get that way together and also by pursuing interests apart. Each person in the team works hard within the relationship and to develop who they are as an individual. While couples are supposed to come together as “one,” the pieces have to be healthy on their own for a good fit to be made.


With this in mind, many couples simply support each other in their careers, hobbies and personal interests. It is not necessary to be joined at the hip to have a healthy, enjoyable and rewarding relationship. In fact, too much together time can become suffocating.


Do you and your partner work together, enjoy time apart, trust each other and value your respect for each other? If so, you can point to yourselves and say, “Here’s what a super healthy relationship looks like.”


If not, get to work! If you value each other, you can make your relationship stronger, better and healthier.


Do you like to read more and learn how to save your marriage?

Then you might want to sign up for FREE Ebookcalled “The 15 Biggest Mistakes Made in a Relationship.” All you have to do is go to and sign up!

Dog Beds

Choosing the perfect Dog Beds for family pets

As a caring owner you are given plenty of choice when the time comes to update the Dog Beds in your home. Are you open to new ideas with regards to Dog beds, or do you stick to the same old design of Pet Mat? Comfortable, stylish Dog Beds have evolved in design and today you can select from a choice of competitively prices Dog Beds from some of the Worlds leading manufacturers.

Snuggle beds, waterproof beds, oval shaped beds and more, are available through good quality suppliers. They represent excellent value for money, are fashionable and funky and provide dogs with the best nights sleep theyve had in ages.

Pick the right option

Ok, youve got a decision to make. With so many practical and hard-wearing Dog Beds priced for a competitive market which product do you choose? Do you opt for stylish Dog Beds that you think your pet will like the look of or pick a Pet Mat that will prove to be great value for money? Why compromise when you can have the best of both worlds and buy trendy Dog Beds that will last for ages.

Oval Dog Beds are the prime choice of many owners that want complete comfort and practicality for their pet. By design, the oval Dog Beds create the perfect sleeping position and itll be a welcoming sight to see your pup curled inside their new sleeping arrangement.

What about accessories?

If your Labrador likes to laze upon a comfy Pet Mat youll have no problem finding a padded product that provides them with copious amounts of comfort.

A Sherpa padded Pet Mat is the ideal companion for a dog with sleep on their mind. Available through good quality suppliers of Dog Beds, the vast range of pet bedding have been carefully developed with the pets needs in mind.

Look for the best priced Dog Beds online and secure great deals on the latest pet products. Retailers stock a massive range of Dog Beds with items to suit all breeds. Accessories for Dog Beds can also be found that are warming, comforting and easy to clean. has a range of competitively priced and stylish beds for pets. Visit us today of youre looking for Dog Beds or a Pet Mat .

Hiv Rash Symptoms In Females

The particular HIV break outs symptoms in males and ladies can be corresponding as the epidermis of your patient results in being dry out and even scaly. In many instances it could even appear like a severe case of psoriasis. The actual HIV rash indicators usually appear just after one or two weeks and this indicator is deemed to be a late indicators of HIV. The particular vaginal canal are the initial being impacted with HIV allergy indicators in females but you will find times when skin, facial skin, hands and wrists or your feet have been impacted too.

Typically the the signs of HIV allergy can be simply recognized through the tone and that is somewhere between red-brown to dark brown. The colour of HIV break outs in dark-colored people today is quite various and should go from dark brown to african american. Peeling and formation of sores and sore spots on the genital area can easily be referred to as intense HIV rash indicators. It is almost always the result of the particular Herpes simplex virus or maybe Zoster virus.

In addition to the symptoms of HIV break outs now we have previously talked about, there are more of them. As an example: head ache, engorged lymph glands, fatigue, aching throat, muscle tissue pain, mouth area sores, oral thrush and also diarrhoea. Conversely there is something you have to know. HIV break outs symptoms are not present in every infected man or woman plus the HIV rash signs often come in only a few HIV positive women of all ages.

The identification and confirming that people handle HIV allergy is actually important so as to pick the right therapy. We really dont have to have a incorrectly treatment, so it will be important to understand that there are additional causes of skin color allergy. The actual HIV allergy signs or symptoms commonly last 7-14 days when they arise. Considering that we understand that the HIV can never be healed, it is pretty essential to understand how you can regulate the indications. Your doctor could suggest a number of otc medication or oinment creams. These are generally often helpful to slow up the scratching sensation plus the rashes, likewise. Sunlight needs to be avoided for the reason that break outs may improve. Working towards risk-free intercourse is very important in order to prevent high risk group people today to have the HIV break outs problems.

We hope this article has gave you good info with regards to the HV break outs in women. The ability to figure out the HIV signs and symptoms is critical to control the condition. Even so, if there are any un answered concerns don’t forget to talk to your health care provider.

If you want to know much more about HIV Symptoms and HIV Home Tests read information about HIV Symptoms and
hiv home tests

Andrew Cass

Andrew Cass is a graduate of Business Administration in Horstra University, New York. Before joining internet marketing, he was working in Financial Services industry for over ten years. Today, he is now Senior Vice President of Marketing for an Internet Marketing company. He is also the Vice President of Business Development based on Direct Sales Company.

One contributing factor of his success in internet marketing is making online promotions regarding Carbon Copy Pro business by using Google Adwords. You could even find several links to this material over a thousand of websites in the internet. To be successful as Andrew Cass, you could use him as your own personal trainer. Make him as your role model and let him inspire you to succeed in this competitive market.

Keep in mind that both Carbon Copy Pro and Wealth Masters International are legitimate business establishments. There are several individuals who are earning a decent income from these two companies. To enable yourself be like one of these people, there is an enrollment fee that is required by Wealth Masters International.

Keep in mind that this product does not stand on its own. You have to spend time and effort in selling this product. Internet marketing is a very competitive market therefore you have to be good in what you do. The idea is to have the ability to market the product to would be clients without being deterred by their negative responses.

Just like Andrew Cass he managed to do both internet marketing and direct sales marketing thus making him very successful at what he does. According to Cass, “My mission is to inspire people to live life on their terms while encouraging them to have the confidence to achieve anything they want in life. I want people to feel like their life is better because of their association with me.”

With this statement, you could easily say that anybody had the chance to succeed. Regardless of you being able to achieve a college degree or without, with the right attitude you will change into a better person having a much better life. is a leading source of information about business opportunities.

Standardizing O&M Practices to be Discussed at PV O&M USA This November

(PRWEB) August 26, 2014

This huge increase in utility-scale capacity has led the industry to focus on optimizing the performance of operational plants in order to get higher return on investments.

Having a robust operations & maintenance (O&M) strategy in place is the way to achieve this. As a result, there is now demand for a universal understanding of what ‘O&M best practices’ are for plant operators to refer to as guidelines.

Sandia National Laboratories and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) are working together to lay the groundwork for the standards and will be examining the tools, techniques and data analysis that improve plant operations and create higher levels of plant reliability. With a better understanding of best practices, operators will be able to plan their O&M strategies more effectively and cut down costs in the long run.

Geoff Klise, a senior member of the technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories and Andy Walker, a principal engineer at NREL will be participating in the PV O&M USA conference (18-19 November, San Jose) to discuss and debate how to identify the challenges of O&M, such as predictive methods for reducing risks, and what the operational and cost impacts will be on the plants.

Klise and Walker will be joined by TJ Keating, the Development Director at SunSpec Alliance, a trade alliance of distributed energy industry participants who are working with the industry in the USA to develop standardized O&M best practices.

To learn more about how these topics will be addressed at PV O&M USA this November, view the full agenda here:; or contact Sarah Kingham on sarah(at)pv-insider(dot)com for full details.

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